TD-302 Cake Filling Machine/Cake Depositor

Cake Filling Machine/Cake Depositor

Cake filling machine/ Cake depositor are suitable for making small cakes. You put paste of cakes into the filling hopper, and set the feeding position, and then machine feeds filling in cups automatically.
The conveyor belt is equipped with a sensor which can response to each tray.
When the electric eye responses the tray, it feeds filling automatically.
You can set quantities in each tray, and adjust the distance among cups.

Machine Dimensions: 1600 x 1000 x 1440mm
N.W./G.W.: 200/320kgs
Power: 1 /4HP 800W
Voct: 3∮(220V/380V/415V)
Compressor used: 4kg/cm2 (air compressor is provided by the user)
Accessory: 1 cupcake filling nozzle
Adjustable filling volume from minimum 10 CC to maximum 140CC
The maximum capacity of five-hole filling type: 20 times / min = MAX 6000pcs / Hr
Adjustable filling volume from minimum 10CC to maximum 120CC
Suitable for filling the baking pan of cupcakes and puffs
Available for making crust of cupcakes and puffs with jam or granule smaller than 12mm
However, it’s not available for filling the Swiss roll and chiffon cake.
The whole machine body is made of SUS 304 stainless steel, easy for operation, cleaning, and maintenance
Piston type of push-filling, the weight is more accurate

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