TD-610 Auto Pastry Sheet Making Machine (Small type)

Auto Pastry Sheet Making Machine (Small type)

The TD-610 produces quality thin sheets for spring rolls (egg rolls, lumpia) and pastry (samosa pastry sheets) ranging 0.35 to 1mm in thickness. Batter is poured into the hopper and then sprayed out from a wide-flat-mouthed nozzle mounted below the baking drum. When the drum surface temperature reaches 120 to 140°C, the batter is sprayed onto the rotating drum to be heated. When the baking drum rotates by 210~230°, the batter is well cooked and turns pastry sheet to be air-cooled on a lengthy conveyor table with electric fans. At the end of the conveyor stands an auto slitting machine which cuts the run-on sheet into the desired length. After-cut pastry stacks are ready for packaging or to be further applied for spring roll production.

Dimensions of the machine: length 4600mm x width 850mm x height 1600mm
The width of the skin can be made up to 50-340mm
The machine including
1.Electronic heating system: 15KW
2.Mix - starch supplier 1/4HP, non- segment speed change
3.SSR auto temperature control, temperature error:±1℃
4.Ice water cool down, prevent the nozzle of supplying mix starch from block 1HP
5.Main machine drive system 1/4HP non-segment speed change
6.Thermal cover with oven roller
7.Nozzle of supplying mix starch: 180°mm and 230°mm
8.Heat-resisting wire can prevent heat up to 480℃
Totally Power :15KW

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